Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to Fall 2013 Engineering Club

We hope everyone has had a great summer!  We would like to welcome new members and alumni to our first Engineering Club meeting on Friday, August 23, at 2:00 pm, in Building 19 room 42 (engineering study room in the basement).

 The agenda for our very first meeting is the following:

I. Introduction (in Building 19 room 42)
          - A few words from our club president, Chris Gervang, on the purpose of the club
          - members will introduce themselves and state their intended major
          - Receive welcome packet
          - eat pizza     

II. Scavenger Hunt (around campus)
          -  members will go around the campus looking for clues and answering questions
                    - the clues are in neon colors

III. Picture Time (in Building 19 room 42)
          - members will take a picture of themselves or draw a picture 
          - on the picture, write name and a word or a sentence describer

IV. Presentation (at MakerSpace in Library Building 9)
          - presentation of each resource in welcome packet
          - show engineering club website
          - members subscribe to website
          - discuss committee and future projects

V. Closing (at Makerspace in Library Building 9)
          - questions and answers
We hope to see you all at the first meeting!