Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 15, 2016

Writing smart things on the board!
One group's tower.

This day's club meeting starts at 2:00 in the computer lab above the engineering room. This week's meeting mostly focuses on groups 3D printing their towers, as well as a short presentation from club member, Sean Allen.

Sean tells the club members about an idea for a video game controller that he has been working on using a kit from Arduino. Sean hopes to create a video game controller that responds to muscle movement in a player's upper arm. Such a controller would allow forearm amputees to continue gaming.
Result of writing smart things on the board!

After Sean's presentation, the club advisor, Laura, as well as club members Ben B and Ilya K, help Sean continue working on the controller. 

Meanwhile, Austin helps another member with filling in his tower in Solidworks.

The club meeting is officially adjourned at 4 o'clock, when we get kicked out of the computer lab. We look forward to seeing everybody next week!

Friday, April 15, 2016

April 8, 2016

The day's club meeting officially starts at 2:03. The members use SolidWorks to continue designing their towers.
Nothing else notable happens, (except for groups' progress on their towers) as many club members are not present at this particular meeting. And Tihani shows up late! Cough cough! 
The club meeting is officially adjourned at 2:57.

March 25, 2016

Today's meeting was held in the computer lab, Room 19-124. The meeting's objective was to introduce members to SolidWorks in order to start 3D printing groups' designs for our tower project.
Ben at work on his tower

At 2:08, the club's ICC representative (Ben B.) informs about the events of Wednesday's ICC meeting. At 2:17, Austin starts teaching club members on how to make a cube and cut a hole in it. How exciting!
From there, members continue designing their towers, and start experimenting with DegreeWorks.

The club meeting is officially adjourned at 2:57, but club members are encouraged to go down to the regular engineering room, where another club member discusses prospects of launching rockets into the air after regular meeting hours.
This unofficial continuation of the meeting ends at 3:32, and we hope to see everybody at the next club meeting.