Saturday, January 26, 2013

February 1 Meeting Preview

We will try to invite one of our possible guest speakers: Peter (manager of the demolition crew and civil engineer) or Tim (materials engineer).

If the guest speaker cannot make it to our meeting, we will be in the computer lab upstairs (room 19-124) learning how to use SolidWorks.  Please come to the engineering study room first (room 19-042), then we will go to the lab as a group.

Janurary 25 Meeting Summary

Congratulations to our club officers!  Our final club officers are shown below:

                              Co-Presidents: Chris, Justin
                              Co-vise Presidents: Jason, Jonathan
                              Co-Secretaries: Nicholas, Zita
                              Co-ICC Representatives: Daniel, Ivonne

In addition, our president Justin gave us a brief lecture on how a 3D printer works (see diagram below).