Fall 2012: Project 1: Catapult

Objective: Construct a machine that throws a small rubber ball as far as possible. The machine that throws the ball the farthest wins.

    Popsicle sticks
    wood dowel
    foam core board
    thin wire
    rubber bands
    hot glue
    metal ballast
    manila folder
    hanging Folder
    paper clips
    cotton string
    Arduino kit

    1. The machine must be stationary.
    2. The machine must operate without human aid – only the pushbutton and potentiometer may be touched in order to launch the ball.
    3. The machine should be able to re-load and launch a second ball without the need of human aid other than touching the pushbutton or potentiometer.


Here is one of the catapult kits (the potentiometers have not arrived yet):

The Arduino catapult competition was held on Friday, November 16. There were four working catapults, but all four violated the rules in some way.

Fourth Place: 7' 10.5"

Third Place: 9' 11"

Second Place: 12' 5.5"

First Place: 12' 8.5" (the ramp was damaged after testing)

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