Fall 2013

Here is a proposal for the Fall 2013 Schedule.

Week 1: 8/23
-          Vote on officers
-          Discussion (can be discussed later in semester when dates get closer or can be discussed just among officers)
o       Marketing
§         Club banner, vinyl
§         Club posters
§         Sign everyone up to blog mailing list, so blog can be updated once and everyone will know
§         Hold one meeting every month at library’s Makers Space
o       Trips
§         SLAC tour (no tours in August, first and third Fridays, 1:30 and 3:30)
§         Exploratorium free days (9/29,10/13)
§         TechShop
§         Nearby campuses (Stanford, UCB, SFSU, SJSU)
§         East Bay Mini Maker Faire (10/13)
-          Vote on Funding Proposal

-          Introduce Arduinos
o       Parts
o       Basic circuit construction
o       Basic coding

Week 2: 8/30
-          Build basic Arduino circuits using Oomlout handout

Week 3: 9/6
-          Continue building basic Arduino circuits using Oomlout handout

Week 4: 9/13
-          Speaker: Introducing the Engineering Profession

Week 5: 9/20
-          Arduino Project 1: Stepper Motors
o       Explain stepper motor
§         Construction
§         Coding
o       Explain motor shield
o       Challenge: Build circuit and write code to control motor direction and speed using a potentiometer

Week 6: 9/27
-          Introduce CNC Mill
o       Construction
o       Sketch-up
o       Phlatscripts
o       Grbl
o       Gcodesender
-          Challenge: Build a small, basic emblem to be printed in cardboard
-          Free Exploratorium Day – 9/29

Week 7: 10/4
-          CNC Project 1: Clock
o       Explain gear ratios
o       Explain Involute Gear Plugin (http://capolight.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/drawing-gears-in-sketchup/)
o       Draw and cut gears, mounting board, and dowel
o       Challenge: Construct another set of gears to transmit power around a 90 degree angle or construct a counter

Week 8: 10/11
-          CNC Project 2: 2 Axis Control
o       Design a box to hold the threaded rods, stepper motors
o       Draw and cut box
o       Mount stepper motors
o       Challenge: Write code to move the center of axes in a circle, triangle, etc
-          Free Exploratorium Day – 10/13
-          Oakland Makers Faire – 10/13

Week 9: 10/18
-          Continue CNC Project 2

Week 10: 10/25
-          Introduce 3D Printer
o       Construction
o       SolidWorks
o       ReplicatorG

Week 11: 11/1
-          Continue introducing SolidWorks

Week 12: 11/8
-          Continue introducing SolidWorks
-          Challenge: Build a small, basic emblem to be printed

Week 13: 11/15
-          3D Printing Project 1: Suspension System
o       Explain the suspension system on a basic vehicle
o       Design and build a simple suspension system
o       Challenge: Build a more complicated suspension system (ex., independent wishbone)

Week 14: 11/22
-          Continue 3D Printing Project 1

Week 15: 11/29
-          Thanksgiving Break

Week 16: 12/6
-          Speaker: Reviewing the Semester’s Work

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