Monday, November 10, 2014

Engineering Club November 7, 2014

This week's meeting, there was a guest speaker, a Civil Engineer at EKI (Erler & Kalinowski, Inc.), and a Project Engineer, named John DeWitt who came in to speak how he end up where he is today and recent projects.

He talked about his education.  It took him a while to decide on what he wanted to do.  He did lab work for his Environmental Engineering professor and studied Earth Sciences; end up majoring in Environmental Engineering.  He advised us to pursue what interest us.  He, now, had some recent projects with EKI and renovation at the Presidio, a park near near the Golden Gate which was formerly a military base before becoming a national park in 1994

Thank you to our Adviser Laura Demsetz for bringing three extra large Round Table pizzas and drinks!!

There were no Solar Regatta Boat talk this week but may be announced in the next meeting; however, we may also be having a boat mock up competition with paper cups and more.  There will be some possible constraints as well.  Look forward to next week's meeting!