Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 15, 2016

Writing smart things on the board!
One group's tower.

This day's club meeting starts at 2:00 in the computer lab above the engineering room. This week's meeting mostly focuses on groups 3D printing their towers, as well as a short presentation from club member, Sean Allen.

Sean tells the club members about an idea for a video game controller that he has been working on using a kit from Arduino. Sean hopes to create a video game controller that responds to muscle movement in a player's upper arm. Such a controller would allow forearm amputees to continue gaming.
Result of writing smart things on the board!

After Sean's presentation, the club advisor, Laura, as well as club members Ben B and Ilya K, help Sean continue working on the controller. 

Meanwhile, Austin helps another member with filling in his tower in Solidworks.

The club meeting is officially adjourned at 4 o'clock, when we get kicked out of the computer lab. We look forward to seeing everybody next week!

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